New Challenges a great expansion for Dungeon Universalis

New Challenges expansion (Spanish language)


Campaign & Quest book III (150+ h.), New challenges book, almost 400 cards and Campaign map board

Note that this Expansion box has no tiles or standees. These are optional content. These are necessary unless you are going to use your own 2D or 3D scenery or wish to use your own miniatures. 



Campaign book III with 3 campaigns (The scourge of Zeus, Under the cities, Distant enemies) and several independent quests (150+ hour experience).

Book with new rules and game modes. Too many scars, feat points, bulletin board, locate settlements, weather, aleatory quests and random missions, resources and crafting. New actions, skirmishes.

150 poker size cards: new spells, races, travel events, mercenaries, personal events, classes.

144 mini euro cards: new skills, common and special objects, crafting, magic objects, weapons.

96 Bestiary cards (120x80mm.): Dark elves, Trecians, Ratfolk clans,  Pulse Empire, Cultists and independent creatures (gargoyle, hydra, giant eagle, giant wolf, armored bull, iron giant...).

Campaign map board (A2 size), with the Northwest zone of Arasca (front) and dungeon (back): useful for making maps and random quests with fast set-up.

*TILES I and II NOT INCLUDED. The add-ons Tile Set I and Tile Set II are useful to faithfully represent the quests of the official campaigns books of this box. You can also use your own 3D scenography, draw the scenarios in a notebook or a map, or use our World of Arasca web APP to play online and not use physical tiles. We also offer the Tiles in PDF (Print & Play).

**STANDEES I and II NOT INCLUDED. The add-ons Standees Bestiary box I and II are usefull to represent the new enemies that the heroes will face in the new adventures in New Challenges.


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