What is DUN?

Dungeon Universalis (DUN), created by Óscar Bribián, is a Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players.

You can find an extensive description of the game on the BGG:View Description

DUN also includes a huge narrative campaign (with a sandbox map) and many independent quests and epic events. It also allows you to design your own quests or simply to use its rulebook, system and cards to replay missions, quests, tiles and miniatures from other Dungeon Crawlers.

In other words: Dungeon Universalis is many games and one at the same time. The infinite dungeon crawler. In DUN you will find many different competitive or cooperative game modes: cooperative, lone wolf mode, Human Dark Player or Classic RPG master, always with a scalable difficulty according to the player´s level.


  • Illustrated Rulebook (124 pages).
  • Basic Rulebook (38 pages).
  • Bestiary (64 pages): 24 factions and hundreds of creatures.
  • Campaign & Quest book (92 pages): a huge campaign, 40 quests and 28 Epic Events (small quests).
  • Special quest book for heroes (24 pages): 10 personalized quests.
  • 1.012 cards (570 poker size, 442 mini euro size)
  • 146 tokens.
  • 41 double-sided tiles of rooms and corridors.
  • 125 overtiles with elements and furniture.
  • 318 creature and hero standees.
  • Campaign map board and ocean (size A2).
  • Dark Player Screen.
  • 20 plastic coins.
  • Chequebook (50 sheets) for the creation of heroes.
  • 5 organizers for heroes.
  • Custom dice for Artificial Intelligence.
  • 5 envelopes to save games and heroes.
  • 8 six-sided dice.
  • 24 bases for standees.
  • PVC insert
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