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Raazbal (Spanish language) - digital (epub, azw, pdf)


Novel in Spanish.

Novel: “Raazbal”

Author: Óscar Bribián

Pages: 300

Genre: Heroic Fantasy



Raazbal is the novel that serves as background for the Dungeon Universalis game. It was first published in 2010 and distributed in bookstores in Spain.



Arasca, the Hidden World, is about to experience a turbulent time. Martín is appointed as a messenger in a plot that hangs over the king of Pulse. But events unfolded, establishing him as the protector of the mysterious Soul Stones, and forcing him to enlist in the dead of winter in the largest army ever seen, in a proclaimed crusade against invaders from the east. Together with a wise old man, his granddaughter and a controversial mercenary, Martín will enter hell itself, with the intention of freeing the world from the last great demon.

Raazbal combines epic fantasy with the harshness and realism of medieval wars, in a world where ideals succumb under the chlamys of barbarism.

“A great story with good characters and beautiful descriptions that will keep us guessing in its almost three hundred pages.” Carlos Moreno, Fantastic World

“Bribián successfully blends historical realism with the epic fantasy genre.” Leisure

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