Hello everyone! The daily work continues.
Only 3 books remain to be sent to the printer. The rest of the files were already sent in previous weeks. Right now they are in the process of verification and correction of some details after the factory revision to conform to ISO 9001 quality standards.
The 3 books that remain to be sent are actually finished in both languages, except for some pending corrections after proofreading. Therefore, in the next two weeks we will send the final files of these books and we will have finished all this work.
Today we are showing you the factory test samples of the mats, received at the beginning of May, so we can check the colors and the materials (the sample cut is not factory cut):
We also show you two of the new races and one new class along with 3 of their spells, we hope you like them!
Finally, we would like to announce, as we said in social networks, that next June 24 DUNCON 2023 event will be held in our place in Zaragoza (Spain), with a very limited number of attendees. There we will play several adventures in 3D scenarios. In the next update we will show pictures of our little event.
Greetings to all!

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